Monday, March 7, 2011

Farts and Thunderstorms

Maya had to have a set of 50 Squinkies (I prefer to call them Squonkies or Stinkies) which she ordered off the internet last week. Thirty bucks for 50 cutesy pencil toppers in the shapes of different animals, fairies and what-nots. This pack of 50 initiated the other two Squonkie minded individuals in our house to, and I quote "HAVE TO HAVE THEM IMMEDIATELY". Tim graciously (and because I told him to) took the kiddos to Target to acquire said Sponkies on Saturday.

Now, my refusal to call them by their designated name probably stems from the fact the I cringe at the money they are spending (their own of course) on these little rubbery, marketing masterminded thingies that they may only be crazy about for the next week. But it has kept them busy for the whole weekend. And I must say they are very creative with their Spankies. For instance when we got up for school this morning and Isaac was watching tv and eating his breakfast I heard him say from the other room "thunderstorm!" So I looked at Tim with a questioning look on my face and asked if we are supposed to get storms today. He said "Yeah, they were playing with their Squonkies last night and Isaac passed gas. They decided that was like a thunderstorm to their Slinkies."

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