Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Still Blah-bruary

I think this is a very interesting picture of our front yard.

It's says we tie our children to a tree with a jump rope, beat them with a golf club and make them drink out of a rusty can.

That's Isaac in the background. He has some kind of serious wagon business going on. Everything Isaac does is serious business.

The gap in his smile is growing on me. Not sure about that hat though.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Olivinia, Olivia, Olive

The dog of many names.

Well, well, well. I tried to do a good deed today and get something done and it all blew up in my face. I took Olive to get her nails clipped. (My mom's hearing is not that great so when I told her what I planned to do today on the phone she said "who are you getting clipped??!" Obviously she has great faith in my parenting skills.) Anyway.... the good deed part is that Olive's nails are so long they are starting to bug her.

Ok, maybe at this point it might be more of a dog abuse thing than a good deed. I put my dog in the car and off we went to Glamour Pets to do the much needed deed. I had a few other stops to make as well but I figured she could handle it.

Well I couldn't find Glamour Pets (it's disappeared) so after much turning around Olive very quietly puked up her guts. At first I thought "Oh good she puked on the drink tray between the two front seats in my mini van." And then I thought "Oh God, she puked on the drink tray between the two front seats in my mini van."

So I skipped the post office and gave up on the nail clipping and drove home holding my breath and trying to keep Olive out of the mess. I've decided I'm going to have to invest in one of those dog pedi things you see on tv for 19.95.

Maya took a video of Olive the other day. I find it soooo very interesting because Olive will bite Maya and not anyone else. Not viciously but playfully and sometimes Olive gets carried away and Maya complains. Tim and I point out to Maya that she's a little instigator and she deserves every little snip she gets. Maya denies it. Well, now I have a bit of proof. Here is a video clip that Maya took of Olive. Let me just preface it by saying that our camera is a wide angle camera so if it looks like Maya was 6 inches away from Olive she was really just 3 inches away from Olive.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh My Goodness!

That's Isaac's favorite saying of late. Oh My Goodness!! It's quite cute now but I fear if he continues using this phrase when he's six he'll get beat up. He'll be six in April. We have some work to do.

He had good reason to say it on Sunday when he lost his first big front tooth. It's not the first tooth he has lost but it's one of those prominent ones that changes his whole look. As you can see here still with a little blood on his shirt....nice..

I was trying to prepare myself for this because I knew it was loose. I thought I had at least a week or two however. I think it would have been another week or two except he was wrestling with Eva and something happened to cause the tooth to come out. Hmmmm... I'm still not entirely sure what that something was but Eva was proud of the fact that she helped Isaac lose that tooth. As you can see here...

It's weird. All these little milestones that I was so excited to see happen with the girls because it meant they were growing up are the same little milestones that are happening with Isaac that bring tears to my eyes because he's growing up!! Just another case for motherhood as a bipolar disorder. Tim doesn't seem to be having the same issues as I as you can see here...

But I'm dealing with this as best I can as you can see here.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, Monday

Here it is. Monday again. I'm just thankful all my little kiddies got on the bus this morning. I'm sick with a cold and Eva is having stomach issues which I believe are on the mend so it's just good to be home alone and sick. I mean, it's not good to be sick but at least I'm at home sick - alone.

Well this day is just wasting away and I've yet to pick a pick for Maniacal Mystical Musical Monday. It's still Blah-bruary which makes it hard to be inspired. It even makes it hard to be inspired to try and be inspired. But I have a cool little tool that you should be noticing any moment. It's my new play list. If you scroll way down you'll see it on the right. You should be hearing it right now. You can click on the bottom right button and create your very own. I found this on the sight Check out the site. Lot's of useful stuff for mom's trying to make it all work, especially if you're trying to make it all work on one income.

So you don't just get one song for your Monday you get six! Happy Blahbruary the 23rd!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sweet February

Knock, Knock
(Let me help you with this.)
"Who's there?"
"Blah who?"

Ha! I'm so not funny. I need a Prozac. Is it spring yet? Is it at least March? Can someone send me one of those light therapy thingies? And maybe a bee-bee gun for my robin?

I know this is wrong. I'm wrong. I think there's only one thing that can fix this mood. Yes, you're right. Neil Diamond. It's not Musical Mischievous Monday. It's Thursday. I'll call it "Let's Not Get Mired Down In The Funk Thursday". Or maybe "Thought This Would Be Better Than Me Whining Thursday."

When I was little I used to put on my parents Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow albums and dance to them in the living room while my parents cooked us Sunday breakfast after church. It's a blissful memory because I lived with 6 other people and no one would disturb me during my dance fest. (Usually the bathroom was the only room you'd find yourself alone in, and even that didn't last very long.) I can only assume they were embarrassed for me. God bless 'em.

More recently Tim and I sang this particular song at a talent show last summer during our trip to Alabama. We had some dance moves too. It was very memorable. It became one of the many songs that would forever be the theme of that vacation. I think this song will really help with this whole "blah" issue I have. And since I'm sure I'm not alone here I'm sharing it with you. Get out your cell phone and wave your arms in the air and sing along. You can't not know the words.... Touchin' me....Touchin' you!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Almost everyday I can look out my front window as I sit here at my computer and look at my robin. Yes, my own personal vestige of spring. He's still here. It's still cold. And gray. And it's going to be colder tomorrow. Lately I can feel my lip curl up in a snarl when I see him. He's just taunting me with possibilities of warmer weather and green grass. I'd like to give him a little flick with my fingers. Maybe a kick in his birdie butt and ask him what the hell he was thinking showing up here in January?!!

I'm a little cranky. Some people think I'm a little pessimistic. A glass half full kinda girl. A sour puss. A depressed freakazoid. You get the picture. It's not entirely true. It's mostly true. But see, it just gives me a something to work toward. I've created for myself a definitive goal of future blissdom. What are all those happy people working toward anyway? I've got goals. Ambitions. Who am I kidding? Blah, I've got blah.

It's February. I've been an awful, uncommitted blogger lately. I'm blaming it on the month. I think some wise people from some distant wise land probably spell February b-l-a-h. I don't know these people but they are obviously very wise.

So I'm not sure what my point here is other than forgive me for that week off I took. I can't guarantee it won't happen again, especially during Blahbruary. Blah. (And bleck too, since I'm in the mood.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Totally Titillating Tuesday

Since I blew Maniacal Musically Misdirected Monday yesterday by not posting I thought I'd move my musical post to Tuesday. Better late than never.

I was going to post a sing-a-long version of America The Beautiful but I couldn't find one that would work. This was in honor of me having to lead Mrs. Hawk's second grade class in song last Thursday when I was substituting. It shouldn't have been allowed. Not the substituting part but the singing part. The kids were great. I could only secretly laugh at myself as their eyes widened along with my song. God bless them. Or rather, God bless me.

I spent today at Junior Achievement's Biztown with Maya my (one of two) fifth graders. The concept for Biztown is for kids to spend a day in a real working "town" with banks, lawyers, restaurant, newspaper, etc., so they can see how business and money make the world go round. My day was pretty easy as I assisted kids in a general office area. Maya's was a little more stressful as she was the CEO of one of the banks. So in honor of my mini mogul and all you hard working people out there... this one's for you. I think I might learn this dance so I can do it right before I serve dinner every night.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Love Is In The Air

Whoa. I'm really late with today's post especially if you consider the fact that this should be Thursday's post. My bad.

I blame my children. I also blame Tim. I think I'll just go ahead and blame my parents as well even though I'm 41 years old. I just don't feel like carrying any burden of responsibility these days. So it's not my fault.

Ok, it's my fault. (The guilt always gets me in the end.) I'm slow today but I've been thinking about today's post since it is Musical, Maniacal, Mentally Challenged Monday. I asked Tim to help me out here. I was thinking it might be appropriate to pick a song about love since Valentine's Day is Saturday. I suggested Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Tim said "Yeah, Queen, how about Fat Bottom Girls?" How about not?

But I've posted Queen before and I really need a song that goes deep and saturates (I like that word) the atmosphere with Love, Love, LOVE! So I decided to take a little stroll down memory lane and post the song that Tim and I danced to at our wedding. Grab some Kleenex or maybe just someone to dance with and your mullet. Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Movin' On...

Ok, I'm over the whole hormonal thing. I know there are some men out there who are relieved to hear that. I apologize for dragging it on two whole days. But I figure if you're a man and you have a significant other who is a woman then you should be able to handle a little girl talk. If you're a man and you're significant other is a man then I feel sorry for you. You of all people should know better than to get involved with such a species. Then again I'm attracted to men so I guess I can understand. If you're a woman and you're significant other is a woman then you're probably a genius (not that my boat floats in that direction) but it's perfectly obvious isn't it? Women are fabulous. Now, what the heck was I talking about?

I thought I'd make Wednesdays "What's Cookin' Wednesday?" I was even thinking of making it "What's Cookin' Chickatarian Wednesdays?" and maybe play a little Chiquitita in the background but I thought I might need a little more elbow room than just chicken. It's not like I'm Rachel Ray, but I do come across a decent recipe once in-a-while and I'm good with a gimmick. It helps to have a gimmick in the blogging world - keeps you motivated. I like that word - "gimmick" which reminds me of another idea I had for Wednesdays - "Favorite Word Wednesday" like subterfuge and ointment (on Maya's top ten). I Wish I could come up with something for Thursdays but I can't think of anything that starts with "th". "Thirsty Thursday?" I could talk about all my favorite drinks like....water. "That Should Be a Game Show Thursday". Huh, maybe too vague and too difficult. "Thought I Knew My Husband Thursday" - too Maury Povich. Throw some ideas my way if you think of something.

Anyway... So now I'm all confused so I think I'll just draw a picture and we'll have to wait and see what next Wednesday and possibly Thursday brings. If you've been reading my posts lately then you won't need an explanation for this picture. I'm titling it Biometrics Wednesday...

I've decided my hair looks best from this angle. I kinda look like Flat Stanley. Damn robin.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lunar or Just Plain Loonie?

Well, I called my sister up on Monday and it's seems that we are twins of the lunar cycle. Translated that means we both have PMS. And by PMS I mean Psychotic Mania Syndrome. I'm not saying she's nearly as bad as I but I am saying that when you start thinking that you'll have people call you Rochelle one week out of the month and Michelle the other 3 weeks, it's nice to know you're not alone. Thanks sis. I think by the end of our conversation we decided a little Midol wouldn't hurt.

But I had to tell her that I almost called her Sunday to say "Meet me in San Jose." Not that I need or what to go to San Jose but anywhere with a bit (no, a lot) of sunshine and some warmth (and maybe a jacuzzi and spa) might help cure this serious case of lunarness.

Yeah, sure, it's no longer January, it is in fact February. (It's like I'm talking myself through it.) So I kinda feel like we're making headway through this whole winter thing. But then it started snowing this morning and within an hour we had 3 inches on the ground just in time for me to drive into school for a sub gig. By the time I removed the neighbors cat from our garage (twice, not liking the snow so much) I was a little late getting to school. But never fear, the day went off without a hitch. And then by the end of the day the snow had drifted into 1 to 2 foot drifts all around our cars. The wind was gusting and I think it was 14 degrees outside. So by the time I got home still freezing from scraping snow and ice off my car in my little black Sketchers I was ready to hurl a snowball at our resident robin for leading me on with this whole "spring is coming!" thing. (God#$%@ puffy little lying SOB.) Fortunately for him I had to concentrate on driving up my driveway through a couple of drifts and into my garage without taking out a side mirror.

But I'm better now. It's dark out, it's getting late (I'm pretty sure I couldn't hit the robin if I tried) and I'm heading towards a hot bath and a warm bed. So right now you're probably expecting a drawing of me trying to accost a robin. Well, I'm not going to do that. Because that's not very humane and I'm tired. But maybe tomorrow I will.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Get Me My Jet

Well, I had a good weekend. Well, not really. Actually it sucked. I'm suffering from PMDD which is PMS on steroids. Or more appropriately PMS with WAY too much estrogen. It's either going to pass any minute now or I'm going to buy a plane ticket to Aruba. Either way I'll feel better but one will cost a lot more than the other and both will put a slight strain on my marriage.

Last night I turned on the Super Bowl just in time to see the half time show - perfect timing. Bruce Springsteen brought back memories of my misspent youth. That show was just awesome, especially when you compare it to Janet Jackson nipple- shows of years gone by. I wish someone in the entertainment industry would realize it's music we love - not body parts. It's the body parts we can't help but stare at but that doesn't mean we all want to. It's kinda like driving by a car accident. The show was only marred by a woman in the audience who was wearing a red tank top and bouncing up and down. Why we couldn't just watch twelve minutes of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band without boobage I couldn't tell ya? Obviously that cameraman was a man as, I'm guessing, was the director.

So I thought I'd start this Maniacal Pre-Menstrual Monday off with possibly a Bruce Springsteen song in honor of last night's performance, and also memories of the eighties, and in honor of one of Tim's many phases as a teenager (that would be the Bruce Springsteen phase, much preferred to the Billy Idol phase.) But I'm just not sure. At times like this when I'm feeling like I can't fold another piece of laundry or wash another dish without sticking my head in the snow there's only one song that keeps playing in my head. Just ignore all the lyrics about love and stick to the first two lines of the chorus. You'll be singing it all day long...