Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lunar or Just Plain Loonie?

Well, I called my sister up on Monday and it's seems that we are twins of the lunar cycle. Translated that means we both have PMS. And by PMS I mean Psychotic Mania Syndrome. I'm not saying she's nearly as bad as I but I am saying that when you start thinking that you'll have people call you Rochelle one week out of the month and Michelle the other 3 weeks, it's nice to know you're not alone. Thanks sis. I think by the end of our conversation we decided a little Midol wouldn't hurt.

But I had to tell her that I almost called her Sunday to say "Meet me in San Jose." Not that I need or what to go to San Jose but anywhere with a bit (no, a lot) of sunshine and some warmth (and maybe a jacuzzi and spa) might help cure this serious case of lunarness.

Yeah, sure, it's no longer January, it is in fact February. (It's like I'm talking myself through it.) So I kinda feel like we're making headway through this whole winter thing. But then it started snowing this morning and within an hour we had 3 inches on the ground just in time for me to drive into school for a sub gig. By the time I removed the neighbors cat from our garage (twice, not liking the snow so much) I was a little late getting to school. But never fear, the day went off without a hitch. And then by the end of the day the snow had drifted into 1 to 2 foot drifts all around our cars. The wind was gusting and I think it was 14 degrees outside. So by the time I got home still freezing from scraping snow and ice off my car in my little black Sketchers I was ready to hurl a snowball at our resident robin for leading me on with this whole "spring is coming!" thing. (God#$%@ puffy little lying SOB.) Fortunately for him I had to concentrate on driving up my driveway through a couple of drifts and into my garage without taking out a side mirror.

But I'm better now. It's dark out, it's getting late (I'm pretty sure I couldn't hit the robin if I tried) and I'm heading towards a hot bath and a warm bed. So right now you're probably expecting a drawing of me trying to accost a robin. Well, I'm not going to do that. Because that's not very humane and I'm tired. But maybe tomorrow I will.

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