Monday, February 9, 2009

Love Is In The Air

Whoa. I'm really late with today's post especially if you consider the fact that this should be Thursday's post. My bad.

I blame my children. I also blame Tim. I think I'll just go ahead and blame my parents as well even though I'm 41 years old. I just don't feel like carrying any burden of responsibility these days. So it's not my fault.

Ok, it's my fault. (The guilt always gets me in the end.) I'm slow today but I've been thinking about today's post since it is Musical, Maniacal, Mentally Challenged Monday. I asked Tim to help me out here. I was thinking it might be appropriate to pick a song about love since Valentine's Day is Saturday. I suggested Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Tim said "Yeah, Queen, how about Fat Bottom Girls?" How about not?

But I've posted Queen before and I really need a song that goes deep and saturates (I like that word) the atmosphere with Love, Love, LOVE! So I decided to take a little stroll down memory lane and post the song that Tim and I danced to at our wedding. Grab some Kleenex or maybe just someone to dance with and your mullet. Happy Valentines Day!

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Jill said...

Can I trust that you and Tim looked happier dancing to this song than the couple on the video does?