Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sweet February

Knock, Knock
(Let me help you with this.)
"Who's there?"
"Blah who?"

Ha! I'm so not funny. I need a Prozac. Is it spring yet? Is it at least March? Can someone send me one of those light therapy thingies? And maybe a bee-bee gun for my robin?

I know this is wrong. I'm wrong. I think there's only one thing that can fix this mood. Yes, you're right. Neil Diamond. It's not Musical Mischievous Monday. It's Thursday. I'll call it "Let's Not Get Mired Down In The Funk Thursday". Or maybe "Thought This Would Be Better Than Me Whining Thursday."

When I was little I used to put on my parents Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow albums and dance to them in the living room while my parents cooked us Sunday breakfast after church. It's a blissful memory because I lived with 6 other people and no one would disturb me during my dance fest. (Usually the bathroom was the only room you'd find yourself alone in, and even that didn't last very long.) I can only assume they were embarrassed for me. God bless 'em.

More recently Tim and I sang this particular song at a talent show last summer during our trip to Alabama. We had some dance moves too. It was very memorable. It became one of the many songs that would forever be the theme of that vacation. I think this song will really help with this whole "blah" issue I have. And since I'm sure I'm not alone here I'm sharing it with you. Get out your cell phone and wave your arms in the air and sing along. You can't not know the words.... Touchin' me....Touchin' you!!!

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