Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Olivinia, Olivia, Olive

The dog of many names.

Well, well, well. I tried to do a good deed today and get something done and it all blew up in my face. I took Olive to get her nails clipped. (My mom's hearing is not that great so when I told her what I planned to do today on the phone she said "who are you getting clipped??!" Obviously she has great faith in my parenting skills.) Anyway.... the good deed part is that Olive's nails are so long they are starting to bug her.

Ok, maybe at this point it might be more of a dog abuse thing than a good deed. I put my dog in the car and off we went to Glamour Pets to do the much needed deed. I had a few other stops to make as well but I figured she could handle it.

Well I couldn't find Glamour Pets (it's disappeared) so after much turning around Olive very quietly puked up her guts. At first I thought "Oh good she puked on the drink tray between the two front seats in my mini van." And then I thought "Oh God, she puked on the drink tray between the two front seats in my mini van."

So I skipped the post office and gave up on the nail clipping and drove home holding my breath and trying to keep Olive out of the mess. I've decided I'm going to have to invest in one of those dog pedi things you see on tv for 19.95.

Maya took a video of Olive the other day. I find it soooo very interesting because Olive will bite Maya and not anyone else. Not viciously but playfully and sometimes Olive gets carried away and Maya complains. Tim and I point out to Maya that she's a little instigator and she deserves every little snip she gets. Maya denies it. Well, now I have a bit of proof. Here is a video clip that Maya took of Olive. Let me just preface it by saying that our camera is a wide angle camera so if it looks like Maya was 6 inches away from Olive she was really just 3 inches away from Olive.

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