Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Almost everyday I can look out my front window as I sit here at my computer and look at my robin. Yes, my own personal vestige of spring. He's still here. It's still cold. And gray. And it's going to be colder tomorrow. Lately I can feel my lip curl up in a snarl when I see him. He's just taunting me with possibilities of warmer weather and green grass. I'd like to give him a little flick with my fingers. Maybe a kick in his birdie butt and ask him what the hell he was thinking showing up here in January?!!

I'm a little cranky. Some people think I'm a little pessimistic. A glass half full kinda girl. A sour puss. A depressed freakazoid. You get the picture. It's not entirely true. It's mostly true. But see, it just gives me a something to work toward. I've created for myself a definitive goal of future blissdom. What are all those happy people working toward anyway? I've got goals. Ambitions. Who am I kidding? Blah, I've got blah.

It's February. I've been an awful, uncommitted blogger lately. I'm blaming it on the month. I think some wise people from some distant wise land probably spell February b-l-a-h. I don't know these people but they are obviously very wise.

So I'm not sure what my point here is other than forgive me for that week off I took. I can't guarantee it won't happen again, especially during Blahbruary. Blah. (And bleck too, since I'm in the mood.)

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