Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, Monday

Here it is. Monday again. I'm just thankful all my little kiddies got on the bus this morning. I'm sick with a cold and Eva is having stomach issues which I believe are on the mend so it's just good to be home alone and sick. I mean, it's not good to be sick but at least I'm at home sick - alone.

Well this day is just wasting away and I've yet to pick a pick for Maniacal Mystical Musical Monday. It's still Blah-bruary which makes it hard to be inspired. It even makes it hard to be inspired to try and be inspired. But I have a cool little tool that you should be noticing any moment. It's my new play list. If you scroll way down you'll see it on the right. You should be hearing it right now. You can click on the bottom right button and create your very own. I found this on the sight Check out the site. Lot's of useful stuff for mom's trying to make it all work, especially if you're trying to make it all work on one income.

So you don't just get one song for your Monday you get six! Happy Blahbruary the 23rd!

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