Thursday, September 1, 2011


I've decided that starting school every year is much like getting your wisdom teeth pulled. It's painful, it hurts, you wish you'd never done it, you're going to look like a chipmunk for a week and there will most likely be an infection and a migraine, and it's painful. We've had all those symptoms except for the chipmunk face (unless you count how I look after I've been crying for an hour).

I think we are now into week 3 . And it feels like the infection is going to go on forever. We've already had 3 sick days that included 2 kids, and Isaac and Maya are trying hard to get sick again. (WHAT are they thinkin'?!) Eva has just been continually unhealthy. God bless her for her consistency.

It's Thursday and I almost feel like we will make it to Friday. If we can just get through tomorrow then we have a 3-day weekend to recover, and drink. And I'm not talking about the "replenishing fluids" kind of drinking.

I finally have a day where I don't absolutely HAVE to be anywhere until 1:45pm. Well, I do have a rather lengthy list of things that need to be done but it's stuff that can be put off till tomorrow like feed the dog and pay the mortgage. (the dog is a little chunky.)

This is probably the point where I go into all the gory details of the past few weeks but I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it - without ending up with chipmunk cheeks or another migraine. So I'm just going to give a quick list. I'm sure I'll expand upon the list at some point. (Might be in therapy though... )

Here's goes.....

Spend lots of money on back to school
Anxiety attack - Isaac, not me
depression - Eva, not me
bunny killer - me
cell phone research for girls bday present
Strong parental desire to kick a kid named Gordon
Gordon gets in-school suspension
Gordon's seat gets moved away from Eva
Gordon gets moved to different classes - yay!
More cell phone research
volleyball tryouts
Maya makes the team Eva does not
More money
totally upset - me
anxiety attack - Isaac
Cramps (you knew that was coming)
Isaac starts to get sick
Anxiety attack - Isaac.... ok, me too
Eva starts to get sick
Still trying to get over the bunny-icide
Lots of crying - me
Isaac misses school
Sleepover with 10 teenage girls
Spill my guts and life saga to CHRP sisters, thank you sistas!
Eva home sick
Maya not feeling great but I won't let her stay home
Eva home sick again
Take Eva to the doctor so they can tell me she has a cold
More crying - me
Tim out of town
1st volleyball game on their birthday, Eva goes - what a trooper, I tear up
Isaac feels like he has a fever
Tim out of town, (it was only 2 days, felt like a week)
More crying - probably Tim this time
Wrecked my van - oh wait, that was in July
More cell phone research
Birthday shopping (yes, AFTER their birthday)
MORE cell phone research - would be easier to buy a &$%*! rocket ship, yes their birthday is over!
Still haven't purchased the *^&%$#!!! cell phones!
All kids at school, not feeling great and not happy about it
Hey but I'm at home alone and look, I'm blogging! woohoo! - Don't ask me about the bunny incident. I'm not ready to discuss it.

This is Isaac on his sick day.  Perhaps hoping his Thor helmet would give him a power boost.

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