Thursday, January 10, 2008

This is my first official blog entry - ever. I've been sending out emails to friends and family for several years and I finally decided to blog rather than email. We'll see how it goes. These emails are therapy for myself and hopefully a good laugh for the people who receive them. Below is the most recent from my archives.

Re: Red Dog, Pink Carpet
I'm the first to admit that I'm usually $1.00 short of $1.80 but sometimes I even surprise myself. Earlier this afternoon Isaac and I were indulging our artistic spirit by painting some original art. Isaac did a lovely painting in red, (nothing but red) on a nice size canvas. So of course I cleaned up our paint and left the canvas on the kitchen floor to dry. As I'm working in the den I can hear Phoebe (our dog) playing with her new ball, trying to get that last treat out of it. Never did it occur to me that Phoebe might NOT avoid the red painting on the floor. So to my surprise I found a kitchen floor with lots of little splotches of red all over it which led into the living room onto the carpet. Lovely. So as I'm cleaning the floor I notice the nice little pattern going across Isaac's painting from the ball. So I tell Isaac and he goes over to check out Phoebe and says "yep, she's red." So now the carpet is slightly pink as are Phoebe's toenails, nose and the sofa slipcover. And we have a lovely painting to remember the moment.

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