Thursday, April 10, 2008


Procrastination can be a way of life. And I personally have tried to make it mine. But when one of your 10 year old daughters comes home from school and sums up the "growth" talk she heard that day at school into "mom, we really need bras", then maybe it's finally time to act.

Now, that was several weeks ago so I'm still a practicing procrastinator but after finally gettin' down to the nitty gritty and accepting the fact that is indeed "time" we have 6 more brassieres in the house that do not belong to me. It might have even happened sooner but Tim's denial of his daughters' impeding womanhood put it off just a little longer. At least that's my story.

There was an ad in the Meijer flyer for girls bras on sale so I asked Tim to, you know, just pick a couple up when he went to the grocery. He said "Uh, no." So I said, "Really, it's not a big deal can you just look for them?"
"Uh, no."
"Is it because it's girl stuff (which he's never shied away from buying feminine hygiene products for me mind you) or you just don't want to do it?"
"Uh, no."
So I'm starting to think he's not going to do it. So I let it drop. He obviously wasn't ready to make the leap never mind that I was trying to pawn it off on him in the first place.

Three weeks after that (it really is a way of life) I finally picked up some unmentionables at Meijer. As I was leaving the store my mini brassieres set the alarm off. How poignant.
The door lady wanted to check my receipt and I felt compelled to say something like, "My girls are just reaching puberty, they need bras, I've put it off, I'm a bad mom...." Luckily my frontal lobe kicked in and said "shut up Michelle, she just wants to see your receipt."

And finally after trying those initial bras on I then took the girls shopping like a good mom should at a fancy department store called Walmart. Two more stores and 20 bras later we had our winning six. To top it all off Isaac made an announcement when he was over at my parents house that the girls had to go upstairs to fix their bras because you know, they have bras now. My mom said my dad about fell out of his chair.

It's a new era. We'd better get used to it. No more bra-stination.


Tim Johnson said...

"" you had me cracking up picture Tim trying to walk out of Meijer with his daughters bras and setting off the alarm. I am so glad it was not me. Yikes...

Susan said...

I would have loved to see Tim walking out of Meijer with his daughters bras and setting off the alarm. If that doesn't traumatize you for life, nothing will. Congrats to all on the big purchase. do they wear them? Now I'll have to pay attention.

Philip said...

Okay, funniest thing I've read in a long time. Poor Tim, I can understand your procrastination....errr...your bra-stination.