Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Help Me Oprah

Ok. I have a problem. It's never been a real issue before but now that Dancing With The Stars is over - what am I going to do?!!!!? This is a problem. I'm completely addicted and it's OVER. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!

You're thinking I'm pathetic right now I know. And you'd be right. But I'm fighting the post DWTS blues here. Two nights a week of dancing and gyrating (mostly gyrating) in sparkly, spangly outfits, the hair, the makeup. Bruno and Carrie Ann Enamor (I just like to say that) and Len's "I have underwear older than you" comments. The competition, the comraderie, the bro-mance between Jason and Christian. Shannon Elizabeth cries more than I do. I appreciate that. I miss Tom Bergeron. He's funny. I think I love him.

So now I need to get a life. I'm feeling it big this morning. I have no job. (Ok, I quit that way back in February) I have no purpose (except mothering, but I can do that with the little pinky on my lefthand now) I have no goals (my one goal was watching DWTS every Monday and Tuesday night). I gave up my spirituality when I let Oprah and Eckhart go and sold my soul to THE STARS!! And now they're gone. Leaving me limp and lifeless on my couch flipping my remote looking to satisfy my needs with some lame design show on HGTV. I don't think so! Sniff. It's just SO hard.

I'm going to have to buck up here. School is ending and for Isaac it's already over. I have to start mothering with more than a pinky here, I have to use both hands! I need goals, I need aspirations! I need more dancing!!!

I need serious help here. Oprah I'm coming back.

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Philip said...

Oprah can't help you Michelle! But maybe Tom Cruise can! :)

Of course by Tom Cruise I mean "Tim"

Okay he made me say that cause he's watching over my shoulder right now.

And what's with you being on the phone for so long today????