Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Taking A Day Off

Sometimes you just need a break. Isaac has a cold so I decided he didn't need to go to school which was an easy decision since I didn't want to take him. We thought we'd just have a day off today.

After getting the girls dressed and on the bus we chilled out in front of the TV and watched the Little Mermaid. Since I've seen the Little Mermaid seventeen billion times this allowed me to dose off several times in between Isaac's commentary of the various funny things going on in the movie. "Mom, did you see Sebastian?" Yeah, I saw him through my eyelids. For some reason he was ok with this. Usually he'll attempt to pull my eyelids open if I get caught sleeping.

In the spirit of taking the day off I've only made breakfast, lunch and a casserole for dinner, cleaned up the kitchen and so far run two loads of laundry. Good thing I'm taking it easy. I might mop the kitchen later when I need a break.

So Isaac and I were just chillin' at the counter eating our lunch and watching Ellen when he says to me "Mom, are we going to die?" That'll bring your whole grain brown rice back up. (It's not that easy getting it down in the first place) Hey, wait a minute, aren't I off today? So I silently asked the question "why me lord?" and asked Isaac where the question came from. He said he didn't want to die. That makes sense to me. So I told him we won't die for a long, long time, not till we are really, really old and asked if that made him feel better and he said "no". Thoughts of Prozac began streaming through my head...

The really big news today is that I went camping and lived to tell the tale. Maya and Eva's entire 4th grade went on a two and a half day adventure down to the YMCA Flatrock River Camp. I was very impressed with everything. Our cabins were brand new with a nice bathroom that included two showers. Ok, so I wasn't exactly roughing it but I did sleep in a room with 10 4th grade girls. Yes, that's 10 pre-pubescent girls in the ultimate slumber party atmosphere. We didn't get a whole lot of sleep that first night.

We didn't get a whole lot of sleep the next night either.

Sleep wasn't on the agenda but everything else was. We did archery, canoed, fished, played Native American games, pioneer cooking (which consisted of us cleaning up after the "pioneers" before us.) and all kinds of fun camping things all of which required us to walk approximately 20 miles a day. I didn't know my muscles could be that sore. Yow. But I was trying not to be a wimp.

Evidently I'm a bit of an outdoorswoman. My archery skills and my canoe knowledge surprised the two male chaperones in our activities group. When we went to dig in the river for fun little creatures to investigate I heard one say to the other "she loves this stuff, kinda makes you question your masculinity." By the end of the second day they were saying "Just give it to Michelle, you know she wants to do it." Well, hey, I'm pretty good at reading a map too.

There's more to share about camp but this is getting lengthy and starting to feel like work and hey, I'm off today.

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