Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Homework Weekend

That's suppose to read Happy Thanksgiving Weekend but our weekend turned out to be more about homework. I just finished writing a lovely email to Eva's three teachers, principal, school counselor and school psychologist (hate to make anybody feel left out) about our Happy Homework Weekend.

But I think I'm just going to sum it up here by saying Eva did a LOT of homework this weekend and she deserves a big fat gold star. Tim deserves a bigger and fatter gold star for hanging in there and doing it with her through fits and tears and tantrums (and Eva had a hard time with it too). I deserve a lump of coal because after 30 minutes of homework my head popped off my shoulders and started running itself into the wall repeatedly. It was embarrassing so I went and took a nap. Laying down and covering your head in a big woolly blanket is a very mature way of dealing with stress.

We have much more exciting news in the Johnson household besides homework hell. We now have 6 pierced ears. (Seven if you include Tim's Billy Idol phase back in the 80's but I think it has filled in.) The girls were very excited to get their ears pierced on Saturday, thanks to grandma (and the other grandma who will be sending an extra pair of earrings via Florida). They never even thought twice about it. And not only that but earlier in the week Eva got contacts. So new ears and new eyes in one week. And this week they are both getting their hair cut short. Next week they'll be dating. After Christmas they'll be sneaking out at night to get a their navels pierced. I'm going to have to purchase bigger and woollier blankets. Maybe an aromatherapy blanket. How much lavender does it take to make you black out?

On top of all of that Isaac never once asked for earrings. This is big for the kid who can't decide between pink or purple polish on his toenails. He must be growing up. Although he did set up a shop this weekend and pretend to sell lip gloss and nail polish. I'm thinking that's because it's the most abundant thing we have in this house short of dog chew toys so we'll let that pass. He is getting bigger though. Not quite big enough to wipe down the kitchen table while still keeping his feet on the ground...

But bigger still. It's getting chilly in here, where's my blankie?

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