Tuesday, June 16, 2009


How can you not love the dance pole ad? I want to do what she's doing - that upside down thing. I'd go workout just for that.

We're leaving for vacation tomorrow. I think I'm officially ready now. We just got back from our first swim meet of the season and we spent an hour and half in pouring down rain. I so kindly volunteered to kinda co-chair the concession stand. And I would just like to tell Jaleen, the person who I took over for, that I curse her and her children. And maybe her children's children as well.

I'm probably going to keep this short because I'm so wet my underwear is drippy and I can only think of cuss words at this point. I think it was the pickle juice leaking in my car that sent me over the edge.

And now I have this freakin' goddamn frame in the middle of my blog that I don't know where the hell it came from!

I'm done now.


Jill said...

OK, the frame in the middle of the blog made me laugh out loud!!!

Karen said...

I kept waiting for some silly photo to pop up and it wouldn't so I felt cheated that I couldn't see what I thought everyone else was looking at....until I read the part about the frame. Glad I didn't miss out on anything funny.

Karen said...

Oh, and today's ad is for pole dancing poles and pole dancing clothes! No pole dancing routine would be complete without the proper attire. Let's order some for Bar-D Camp! Lobin has volunteered to model it for us.

What's with the word verification? I don't know what any of those words mean! kourspab, what's that?