Thursday, June 4, 2009

So Lorry

Laren I'm so glad we got together at our officially unofficial meeting of Bar-D Camp. Although let me just clarify to everyone that it was a spontaneous dinner at a Mexican restaurant where we refrained from drinking margaritas. In fact, it wasn't officially anything at all so let's just call it a um, leeting.

But now I've come up with some ideas for camp like I'm thinking there is going to have to be a craft that involves place mats, scissors, a hot glue gun and a spare bra. That's all I can say for now but I'm so excited about it I think I'm going shopping for place mats tomorrow!

There should probably also be some other organized activities as well so we don't consume our margaritas too quickly especially since we'll be wearing the Depends in our bras and not as our undies. By the way, will we be wearing undies? I'm not sure what to wear with chaps. Maybe we don't need to make a group decision on that. I'm afraid of what Loan might say.

I'm going to have to ponder a while about what these activities will be but I'm thinking Laren should do a PowerPoint on her family. I think color graphics would be great Laren with lots of cats pictured and I volunteer Lobin to help you with that. Maybe you can convince her to share her chaps - just not the ones with pink fur, I know those mean a lot to her. I think she sleeps with them and pets them while she sleeps saying "nice, kitty kitty." I'm not absolutely positive about that, it could just be a rumor.

I'm also thinking Lobin should bring her collection of chaps (I'm pretty sure she has a collection now) and model them for us. By the way all of these ideas are strictly mine and were not discussed at tonight's um, leeting because I know most of you weren't there and I feel bad about that but it's the 8th day of summer break and 8 days evidently became one too many and I really, really, really needed to not cook chicken tonight. So I'm lorry.

Also by the way, Loan, where the hell are you?! Did you buy your own chaps and have you asphyxiated yourself by trying to put them on OVER your head? It's from the bottom up girlfriend. Always remember: pleather can be deadly. You need to contact someone so we don't worry about you. Maybe your chaps are stuck on your love handles and you are unable to type because you got your fingers stuck in them too. Try typing with your tongue. We're here for you Loan and we can help. Just write damn it, write.

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Karen said...

Yes, where the hell is Loan? She was probably kidnapped by some pole dancers that were a little too jealous of her skills (like clogging). Come back, Loan! We miss you! Don't let them take your cleats!

Lichelle and Lammy, thank you so much for including me in the official unofficial leeting of campers. It was a much needed break for me. After watching the cats poop in my flower beds all day, I was in need of some odor free time.

I will be sure to include many color photos in my power point. Lobin has agreed to dress up as "Catwoman" complete with chaps (the pink furry ones) and pet some kittens during my presentation for effect. What a trooper!

As for crafts, I'm hoping that the hot glue gun doesn't have to come in contact with the spare bra while someone is modeling it. Ouch! That could be painful! I volunteer Loan for the modeling because she's been reading up on the proper techniques. Chaps and vests, what a combo! We will be the envy of the entire female population.