Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poo-Poo Pants and Olive

Well, I get to keep my pants on for another day, another doctors appointment. I would consider this a good day except for the fact that I get to keep my pants on because I feel like poo-poo and therefore I'm not going to my gynecologist appointment this morning. However, there's that poo-poo part that's really deterring from my good day. I wonder if the gynecologist knows that he's going to have a good day since I'm not going to hack all over him. Maybe someone should call and tell him.

I got this cold on Friday and I must say I haven't had a cold this bad since I was pregnant. If you've ever been pregnant and had a cold you know it's worse than any other illness you've ever endured. If that sounds dramatic it's because well, it is. For some reason the amount of mucus you produce is enough for a small village when you have pregnancy hormones surging through your body. If you haven't gotten a cold while you're pregnant then there's a 50% chance that you're a man. If that's the case then I feel you should be injected with estrogen and progesterone and then a cold virus. It's only fair. Let me know how you're doing.

I do have good news to share. We have a new member joining our family starting tomorrow. Her name is Olive and she's a Australian cattle dog and beagle mix. She's four months old and she looks a bit like a mistake. I'm guessing the owners of the cattle dog and beagle probably thought she was a mistake too - but whatever. She's cute and very sweet and we'll be picking her up tomorrow from the vet after she gets her girl goods gone. So today we will be spending the day cleaning our rooms and picking up every little toy and gem and car and piece of plastic that has no name or home and getting rid of it!! Well, not really getting rid of EVERYTHING (I have a dream...) but some things. And then we'll have a discussion on dog care and rules we need to follow and by Saturday all those rules will be forgotten, but at least I will have given my lungs a good workout.

I finally picked up my prescription for my strange rash yesterday and it cost $150. Yeah that's dineros, dollares, all for a rash. I'm thinking I'll put this under my eyes as well because for that price it should get rid of wrinkles too. Shoot for that price I'll be sticking it on every skin anomaly my kids have. It's like the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and his Windex. Wonder if Olive has a skin condition...

Well this whole blog attitude has got me thinking it's time for a shower and some coffee and maybe a mimosa. I'm kidding!! I never drink before 10am. Especially when I'm under-the-weather. I always wait till at least 10:30.

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