Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Love Ya Olive!

She's here. Our new dog. Four month old Olive is an Australian Cattle Dog and Beagle mix and something else that has webbed feet. Maybe duck. She's cuter than snot and sick as a well, a dog. We picked her up yesterday from the vet where she was transferred from animal control. They said she was dehydrated and needed antibiotics. She has a cough and a runny nose and unfortunately she didn't come with a copay, we had to shell out the entire amount. She sounds like she's trying to hack up a furball every 30 minutes or so. Last night I wanted to give her one of Isaac's breathing treatments for asthma.

Right now we're thinking her middle name might be Oyl. But it's still up in the air. We really won't know her middle name until the first time I yell at her. Olive Ann! Olive Marie! I'm not sure I can yell Olive Oyl and mean it. Guess it depends on how much trouble she's in.

At this point she is a very chillin' kinda dog. I'm thinking that's the illness and that will all change shortly, about the time the kids are back in school and I'm going to have to keep her busy. My sister told me that her husband asked her why I was getting a dog and she replied "Well, when the girls were going to kindergarten she had Isaac so now Isaac is going to kindergarten so she needed a dog." At first I thought this was less the accurate but after thinking about it a little she might have a point.

By the way Tim, I really shouldn't get a job because Olive is just a pup and she's going to need a full-time mom.

Love ya Olive!

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