Thursday, October 9, 2008

Growing Pains

Isaac is learning how to read. This morning he was sounding out the words on his box of cereal. "Fr-u-te-ee Cob-b-les". That would be Fruitty Pebbles. He also wants to bring his picture of a dragon for "j" day because it sounds like "j - j- dragon mom". I tried to explain the difference between the "dr" sound and the " j" sound. Giving Isaac advice is kinda like telling Oprah to vote for McCain. As far as the Cobbles go I don't want him to know that Cobbles are really Pebbles that would mean he's growing up. I'm hanging on to the Cobbles as long as I can.

Olive has made great progress in the house breaking department. The other night she squatted right in front of the TV. I yelled "NO!" and threw the remote at her rear end. She stopped midstream and looked at me like the sky was falling. No, Olive that's just what happens when you urinate in the house. TV remotes just randomly fly in the air and hit you in the butt. I even got dog pee on the remote. I was pretty proud of my aim and the fact that she actually stopped peeing. Of course, she's a bit of a weenie so she may not pee at all for a couple days. It's a learning curve.

I'm putting down my foot. This whole getting out the door in the morning is making my head spin. I find the more I do for my kids to make sure they get out the door in time for the bus then the more I do for my kids. Ironic huh? So I'm making a list and they better be checking it twice. It's going to include things like clean up your breakfast dishes, make your bed, pick out your clothes the night before, brush your teeth (even though you've known you have to do this every morning for the past 8 years, EVA!!) I'm thinking they just need to miss the bus and maybe Eva just needs to get a cavity or two, or three.

The thing is, Eva is more than willing to walk out the door without her glasses, without her homework, with witchy-poo hair, one shoe on and no jacket and really nasty Olive breath. I can't allow that. For the sake of her teachers, I can't let that happen. So I'm thinking there's going to be a check off chart that must be checked every morning or something terrible happens like their Nintendo DS disappears for a day or they have to do 3 hours of homework or they have to brush their teeth FIVE times a day.

Now that would be painful. :)

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