Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not too late for a revision...

Before we get too far into the new year, like um, tomorrow, I thought I'd better revise that bucket list of mine. Reading it last night I realized it might be a tad ambitious. This often happens when I'm pumped up on caffeine. I once decided to paint a room on the spur of the moment after a cup of straight up coffee. Things were going great for about an hour and then I bottomed out. I think it was six straight months of morning brew that produced Isaac. Give me one cup of 1/2 caff and I can rule the world. Wait an hour and then you can peel me off the floor like old gum. I've cut back since then which is why I have a dog now instead of another kid.

Yesterday's coffee was only 1/4 caff (even 1/2 caff can send me into temporary fits of reorganization.) So here's the revision, you know, before tomorrow and I'm fully committed.

1) Still wear slippers more often.

2) Bath daily. (that's a new one.)

3) Get a handle on my hair.

And number sixteen I should have put "eat less fudge and Christmas cookies and candy" not "eat less". I must have been in a sugar fog at the time.

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