Monday, January 5, 2009

OMG Is it Tuesday yet? That would be the day my many mini minions go back to school. Suddenly the days are ..... moving ...... very ..... slowwwwwllllllyyyyyyyy .......

It was Saturday night that I started thinking "I'm not going to make it two more days." That might be why my head started hurting. And here it is two days later and the pressure feels like I'm 20 feet underwater. I'm fairly certain the only thing that could release the tension in my neck would be a Valium. A Valium and that big yellow school bus....

My kids are really well behaved, that's not why they make my head hurt, for the most part. What sends me over the edge is the 82 questions I answer hourly from each child. That's .... wait.... 246 questions per hour. I think I just popped a blood vessel....

The truly annoying factor is that one kid will ask a question right in front of the 2 other kids but for some reason the other two kids EACH have to ask that question again themselves. For example Maya might ask me "What's for dinner?" I'll answer the question with the other 2 children present and then Isaac will say "what are we having for dinner?" and then Eva will say "What are we having for dinner, why are we having that?, can I have something else? and when will dad be home? I'll answer all three questions so that Maya and then Isaac can follow up with the same 3 follow up questions. And then I hear some woman yelling at her kids to let her make mac 'n cheese in peace and realize shortly after the room clears that I was the one channelling Joan Crawford. Well, at least I kept the language clean. I think.

Eva has a special gift where she can ask the same question in many, many, multiple different ways which not only leaves my annoyed but frustrated. It's a gift Eva has. I hope someday it works to her advantage. I'm thinking maybe divorce lawyer. Anyway, for example, Eva has asked me several times when she and Maya can take their earrings out (Maya and Eva both got their ears pierced about 5 weeks ago.) I told her in the middle of January some time. I understand this wasn't specific enough for her. So Maya came up with a date of January 10th which she told me in front of Eva so Eva had to ask "Can we take our earrings out on January 10th?" Yes, you can. End of discussion.

The next day Eva asked me "Mom can we take our earrings out on January 10th?"
(Me) "Yes, January 10th". (She just needed a reminder.)

The next day Eva asks "Mom can we take our earrings out on Saturday?"
(Me) "Is that January 10th?"
(Eva) "Yes".
(Me) "Then yes you can."

The next day...
(Eva) "Can we put in different earrings in on Saturday?"
(Me) "Yes, you can. You can take out your earrings on Saturday, January 10th and also put in other earrings on Saturday, January 10th. You can do all those things on Saturday, January 10th. Don't ask me if you can do anything else, Saturday, January 10th. I'll say "no". Thanks for asking."

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