Friday, January 16, 2009

Dear God It's Friday

In accordance with my New Year's resolution to pray more I thought I would make Fridays an official day of prayer. I think since today is the coldest day in two years it's a good time to start. But first I'm going to start with a few things I'm thankful for:

1. Hair color (Natural Match by Loreal in Dark Brown to be specific.)
2. And while we are on toiletries...Chapstick and lotion (not necessarily in that order)
3. Hot water
4. Good socks
5. A warm house
6. Long underwear (it's like 15 years old but it still does the job.)
7. My mom (Who is meeting me for lunch today in the frigid cold.)

And now a little prayer. I'm a little rusty in this department so God let me just ask for your forgiveness up front. Thanks.

Dear God,
I'd like to start off by taking a moment to thank you for all those warm summer days I took for granted. Thanks they were great. In case things get boring up there and you want to, you know, mix it up a little bit and throw in a 70 degree day towards the end of January. That'd be great. Just a thought.

As always please guide and protect my children. Please help me in providing the things they need to grow and be happy which includes providing Isaac with many "tanks" of ketchup and "cans" of syrup and also an unlimited supply of chocolate chips. Please help Maya glean as many nutrients as possible from Lucky Charms and bread. Help Eva to ask more questions at school than she does at home. And help me, dear Lord, to have the patience to answer 86 questions daily without appearing to need an exorcism. Oh, dear Lord, help me.

Please guide me in service to others (and I don't mean cooking meals for my family) and inspire me in creative ways (and I don't mean folding towels in a different direction). Please keep us all safe as we endure, I mean enjoy, a three day weekend together. For this and much, (much) more I pray.


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