Wednesday, January 14, 2009


No I didn't sneeze, that's Haiku, as in poetry. Eva's homework tonight was to write a haiku for her language arts class. So I'm inspired to write my own. In case you are approximately 30 years beyond 5th grade like I am then I'll remind you what a haiku is. The definition taken from Wikipedia (I love Wikipedia) is .....ok never mind, that was way more than I can process at 7pm. Let me just give you my own definition as gleaned from Mrs. Shore, 5th grade teacher. It's Japanese poetry that typically consists of 3 lines that don't rhyme. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 and the third line has 5 again.

Let me give you an example:

Kids never clean up
My house is a disaster
Wishing for a maid


My head hurts
Too many questions from them
I ask, why, oh why?

How about....

It's $#@%! cold out there
Where is my long underwear?
Move to Florida

Oops I rhymed. Writing poetry without rhyming is a challenge for me. But I think I'm doing pretty good.

Oh my gray, gray hairs
Children, children everywhere
I need a bigger house

Ok, that last line had six syllables but I needed to get that point across.
Last one...

She is a good dog
And she can be a bad dog.
What is that god forsaken smell?

Ok, haiku is a little harder than it looks. Send me your attempts at haiku. Tomorrow will be a good day to stay inside and read poetry.

Haiku is fun fun
Kinda like Shakespeare but not
Don't be a chicken

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Tim Johnson said...

No blog for Michelle
What a scary thought that is
It's e therapy