Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You Lobster, Me Burrito

It's the season of love, well, almost. Valentine's Day is just around the corner so you'd better start planning something special for your sweetie. Or if you're like my parents just go to a Hallmark store together, pick out each other a card and then give it to each other right there in the store. Read it, then put it back. After 40 some years of marriage it's the perfect Valentine - quick, easy, and cheap.

Last night I told Tim he was my lobster. It's a phrase I've often heard his sister Linda say. Maybe it's a phrase you haven't heard before. It was definitely a phrase Tim hadn't heard before. So let me enlighten you. Lobsters supposedly mate for life so when you tell someone they are your lobster you're essentially saying that they are your soul mate, you're willing to love them till death do you part and there's no one else in the world you'd rather scour the ocean floor with. Tim responded by saying I was his burrito. I said "WHAT???" What does a burrito have to do with eternal undying devotion? Evidently he thought we were talking food.

He recovered by saying that he LOVES burritos and since I know this is true I know that he loves me at least as much as he loves burritos, maybe even more. Although if he'd taken a little more time to respond he might have come up with a food he enjoys even more than burritos. He might have said "you are you're mother's meatballs". I think I'm glad he didn't take more time.

So to add another page to "A YEAR IN PICTURES" I decided to go ahead and make a Valentine for my special lobster. A homemade Valentine - even better than my parents cheap and easy version.

For my one and only lobster..... in color too!


Jill said...

Michelle, you have a future with Hallmark (or maybe Red Lobster???) - you made me laugh again today - thanks!

Michelle said...

What about Qdoba? I'm thinking my burrito might look more like a taquito.