Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nice Pants

I saw that robin again today. When I got home from my subbing gig (that will be a blog for another day) in the sleeting/freezing rain/snow muck that was falling out of the sky, the robin was sitting in a tree in my front yard chirping at me. I swear it was talking to me. You know what this means? I hear insane robins who don't have enough sense to fly south for the winter. Again, better than seeing dead people, not sure where that ranks against dust smelling.

So it's late but I had to get this latest picture posted because I know there are, maybe, tens of you, (or ok, maybe three of you) who are eagerly awaiting this. Maybe eager is too strong of a word. And yes it's only 9pm but in the mid west it's been dark for 3 hours so that's equivalent to 1am in the summertime.

This picture is a little different. I had to really consider the best way to translate the entire psycho, nazi leg workout that the psycho, nazi instructor referred to as biometrics. So I really think I've honed all of my artistic skills into a new representation of myself as never before witnessed on this here blog. (Or anywhere else for that matter.) And in case this worries you let me just tell you to stop right there, I'm already planning a deep hair conditioning treatment for tomorrow.

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