Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I've been having many insights lately. Maybe it's due to the weather, being kinda locked indoors. Or maybe it's the season of creative thought and insightfulness. Or maybe it's because I've been watching a lot of Oprah. Anyway, I'm having them so I thought I'd share.....

My first insight is that it might be a little easier for me to blog if I could remember my bleepin' password. Perhaps I'll write it down somewhere... See, the creative mind at work.

Here's a good one. I decided to give myself a break. I know, easier said than done but here is what I've decided. You might even find this helpful if you're a mom. So here's what I'm saying to myself - "I am not a bad mother." You're probably thinking "Michelle, you're not a bad mother, where'd you get that idea?" Or you're thinking "No shit lady, get a clue." But either way I'm really not all that bad. The reason I'm saying this to myself is not because I'm looney tunes but because most days I tell myself that I'm, well, a bad mom. (You know with my inside voice? The one inside my head that says " you shouldn't eat that".) I don't mean to be nasty to myself (or my children) but sometimes, inevitably it happens. And one little incident can ruin a whole day with feelings of mom failure. Like when I say things to my kids like "IF ANYONE ELSE UTTERS THE WORD "MOM" IN THE NEXT 60 MINUTES THEN YOU ARE ALL GROUNDED FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!" See, it's not that I'm a bad mom it's that I had a "Bad Mom Moment." Uh, huh, you're getting it, it's a BMM. (It's like a BM but less mess)(hopefully) So just because I'm not June Clever 95% of the time (ok, maybe not even 10% of the time) that doesn't make me a bad mother. It makes me - me. And I'm an ok mom, I'm a good mom! (Well, sometimes and usually when no one is looking.) So remember when you blow up at your kids and you've found, yet again, another granola bar wrapper staring up at you from the middle of your otherwise clean living room - You're not a bad mom, your just having a BMM. Right there in the middle of your living room.

More insights later,

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