Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ok. Little Einstein's is on. I have 30 minutes to blog. Ooops the phone is ringing. Oh oh Isaac answered it. And he's talking to whoever it is. It's the At&T guy. He's coming over in 15 minutes to fix our tv hookup. Gotta throw on some clothes. Ok, I still have 25 minutes.

So you ever have one of those weeks when everything goes just the way you want it? You're always on time, your kids don't give you lip when you're running late to THEIR piano lesson, it just seems that the gods are working in your favor? Yep, me neither but I'm still hopeful it will happen. Last week started out ok but by the end of the week the gods had kicked me in the head and punched me in the stomach. I ended up with the flu on Sunday. The good news is after taking one of my mega-headache pills I can no longer remember the entire week! See, there's always a silver lining.

In other news... I quit my job at Archiver's. This I remember. And this is good. I think it's just time to move on. My body was saying "quit this job, you don't want to do it anymore." It was the many headaches and all my many aches and pains. For some reason my body is still talking to me with the aches and pains even though I quit my job. Perhaps I need to tell my body I quit my job. It's that whole mind/body connection thing. Although I have another theory....

It's a disease. It's called "I'm a hothouse flower" disease. Or HHFD. Yes, it's serious. I’m a hothouse flower. Don’t leave me outside too long or I’ll wilt like a day old salad. My environment has to be steady and stable at all times. No excess anything. Actually no anything. No sugar, no simple carbs (white bread, pasta, etc,) no caffeine, no alcohol, no dairy, no chocolate, no fun. I have to exercise regularly but not overly exert myself. I need a nap daily but no more than 30 minutes or I'll be up all night. I need to meditate daily, do yoga and eat macrobiotic foods. I don't know what macrobiotic foods are and I don't know how to meditate but I do do yoga once a week. I've also given up cereal for breakfast and switched to eggs. (Hey, baby steps.) I've yet to give up caffeine entirely (alcohol either for that fact) and I definitely haven't given up chocolate. But I think the first step to curing this disease is recognizing that I have it. I am a Hot House Flower. Now onto Step 2. Maybe I'll take a shorter nap today, eat a little less chocolate.

Is there a teacher conspiracy? Sorry, moving on to a new topic. Why is it I feel like I'm getting the run-around with Eva's teachers? Why have I always felt this way with Eva's teachers? The common denominator here is Eva but I'm really confused about the situation. I think I'm going to go sit in on some of her school day and get a feel for things. I'm hoping to turn into a fly on the wall and they all forget I'm there. Probably not going to happen but at least her teachers will know that I'm watching...watching....watching.... We'll see what transpires.

That's it for now. I have much more to say but now this tension is crawling up my neck and poking it's way into my head. Maybe an early nap today?

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Susan said...

Good Lord! I think I might be a hot house flower, too! What a bummer. I'm so not ready for a macrobiotic diet. I'd have to look it up first. :(