Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feelin' good

I just read an article by Martha Beck entitled Ten Reasons to Feel Good About The Future. So I thought I'd make my own list of things to feel good about in the future and right this very minute.
1. Spring bulbs. I love spring flowers! Of course I have none because spring bulbs require fall planting. Which requires forethought and planning. It also requires a fair amount of work way before the payoff. I don't have one in my yard but I love spring bulbs!
2. Summer. It can't not happen you know? It's inevitable. No matter how cold and rainy things are now, a warm, sunny day must appear eventually. It may not be until June and I may have committed several forms of harey-carey by then but it will come.
3. Girls weekend!! God willing it will come too. In July a weekend away with the girls. Woohoo!!!

4. Cruella Deville. If she doesn't scare you no evil thing will. There's a new version of the song on Radio Disney. It's Isaac's all time favorite. He has a thing for bad guys but particularly villainesses. While watching the scary witch from Sleeping Beauty on a video he said to me "I love her mom." There's a lesson in there somewhere. It's probably "you realize someday your son will be a drag queen." Nevertheless, we should all love our villainesses a little more.
5. School. You can't beat a good education. And while I think my 5 + years of college will suffice me for the rest of my life I look forward to the many years my children will be in school and I will be home - alone. Next year: full day kindergarten.
6. Dogs. Despite the hours of poop cleanup, dog farts to scare the freckles of your face, wiping their butts across the floor, licking the floor incessantly, stealing food from small, underweight children, and sleeping on the couch and leaving it covered in white hairs that are not easily removed, you can count on the fact that they are always there breathing bad dog breath in your face. Maybe I meant cats.
7. Chocolate. Do I need to explain?
8. Cheesecake. See "Chocolate".
9. Vasectomies. Well, just one in particular.
10. And the final thing I think we can all feel good about.....disco balls!! I'm going to buy a big one and hang it in my living room. Then I guess I can only blame myself if Isaac aspires to be a drag queen.

And there you have it.


Tim Johnson said...

This is probably one of the best top 10s I have ever read. Better than a Letterman top 10. Even the vasectomy...

Michelle said...

I left one out. Dancing with the Stars. How could I have forgotten?

Susan said...

I think that was one of my all time favorite posts. I'm sitting in my office laughing out loud to the point that others are looking at me. that's good.