Monday, September 1, 2008

Olympic Glory

You've probably enjoyed the spectacle of the greatest event in sports over the last few weeks, the glory of the Olympic Games. I know my whole family has tried to see as much as we can. The gymnastics, the swimming, the volleyball, the male swimmers swimming in their Speedos, the field and track events, the male swimmers jumping up and down in their Speedos, bad minton, ping pong, those darn speedy guys in their darn speedy Speedos. Whew. While watching one of the swimming events one of my sister-in-laws said "wow, he's got nice form". I looked up expecting to see some really good swimming since all of Tim's sisters were swimmers in high school but he was just standing on the deck, shaking out his big muscles, in his Speedo. He did have nice form.

Phew! Where was I? Oh yeah, Olympics. It's kinda sad seeing the closing ceremonies and knowing the summer olympics are done for the next four years. So we decided to extend the events at our house. Sans Speedos.

On Saturday we had the Johnson Olympic birthday bash. Maya and Eva celebrated their 11th birthdays with 7 of their closest buds and relatives at our first (and last) annual Olympic games. Isaac was in charge of the Olympic theme song which we heard over and over and over. He also graced us with his scary kung fu-like dance. There was the running of the torch, which consisted of running around the swingset in our backyard enough times so that everyone who wanted to could carry the torch, the medal ceremony which included us (trying) to sing the national anthem (because the medals stand was dominated by US athletes don't you know, except for Isaac who was team Italia that day) and many "athletic events" which included the water balloon toss, the water balloon relay, and let's bust the water balloons on our heads. Refreshments were served in the form of several mini-cupcakes in the shape and colors of the Olympic rings. I'm just going to have to give myself a pat on the back for that one. But right now the best part of these Olympic games are that they're over. Whew! Now, that's Olympic glory.

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