Monday, August 25, 2008

Yes, I'm Still Here - Don't Freak

Yes, I'm still here after those last two blogs. And yes, this is my blog. Don't freak and start clicking on your mouse like you've lost control of your index finger. There aren't any naked pictures of women that are going to start flashing in front of your 3 year old. I wouldn't do that to you. Although it'd be funny. Happened to me once. I was looking for the American Girl Doll Magazine website. I typed in pre-teen girls magazine...

I'm trying out a new look. What do you think? I think the photos are easier to see on a white background and green is my favorite color. It looks like my title might be surrounded by a lime tree but you can't always have everything your way. Could be apples I guess but either way I'd rather not associate myself with fruit.

So after last week I'm trying to just slow down today before my kids get off the bus. Here are two thoughts I'm reflecting on today as I'm avoiding piles of dirty laundry, ignoring my dirty house and contemplating the amount of homework arriving shortly:

  • Women in polygamist marriages have something figured out. Sure they have 12 kids between them but they share the workload and they don't have to sleep with their husband every night. I'm thinking there's gotta be a full day off in there somewhere.
  • Nudists don't have laundry.
Have a good Monday.


Tim Johnson said...

wow...I think this looks great....I will toy around with the google analytics and a header image.

Not sure about the polygamist gig..have to admit I don't think I have the testosterone for it. I like the no laundry deal.

Michelle said...

uhhhh... I was thinking I'd have to find a polygamist not turn you into one. i think that was wishful thinking on your part.