Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Boob Tube

Mondays I sit down, turn on the boob tube (literally in this case) and check out the dancing. I'm a Dancing With The Stars addict. (And I italicized addict because I have a serious addiction to that show and I just found the italicize button on my toolbar.)

There are usually two things that happen when I get into the show: 1) I feel sorry for Edyta that she's been stuck with such an unsightly figure - poor thing. 2) I wonder, when Tim is in the room watching with me, if he's actually watching the dancing. 3) I plan on how I'm going to save up for the 14 inch disco ball that is going to replace the ceiling fan in my living room and 4) I envision myself dancing with Maks in a skimpy little piece of cloth- only I have Edyta's body and hmm, maybe her face. I'll keep my hair, it's big. And if Maks wants to wear only a skimpy little piece of cloth I'm OK with that too. So that was 4 things. I'm hormonal and this makes counting difficult.

So tonight I'm wandering around my house flipping channels and raiding Easter baskets because DWTS is not on. It's always hard coming down after a high. I guess I can resort to American Idol but their contestants are so, um, fully dressed.

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