Thursday, April 30, 2009


Holy crap. Sorry for the profanity but I've been ill. I wanted to blog yesterday but all I could think of was a stream of cuss words so I decided against it. Guess I'm still not feeling great.

It's the stomach flu. Eva got it Sunday. I got it yesterday morning and Isaac got it about 2pm yesterday afternoon. I had to go pick him up at school and I'm sure just the sight of me probably caused more people to get sick.

Isaac proceeded to empty the entire contents of his stomach and then some. Fortunately Tim came home from work so that I was free to lay on my bed and moan. I never got physically sick I just felt like a pile of crapola. I kept thinking I'll start feeling better soon and I was worrying that Isaac would be sick for 5 days again.

By 7pm I was moaning louder and Isaac was bouncing around making his goofy faces looking for some work to do because he was bored. What the????

This morning I heard clanking in the kitchen at 6:30am. I finally dragged myself out of bed to find Isaac making us all breakfast. He had toasted bagels for everyone and gotten out my favorite box of cereal (which I couldn't eat). But he's staying home from school today not because he's not in top form but because I would look like a bad mother if I sent him. It's really all about me you know.

Maya wasn't feeling great either so she's home as well. Which works out fine because she can entertain Isaac while I go lie down and moan some more.

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