Monday, April 6, 2009

Bad Boy

Hallelujah! Spring break is over. It was a long week. I must say that the kids had a great week. Although we didn't go anywhere they had plenty, and I mean plenty of time with their cousins. And for the most part they got along great. (At least as far as I know.) Things were a little different when it was just the three of them though. By Thursday I had to tell Maya and Eva enough with the bickering, that it had gone on all week and I was up to my eyeballs in bickering. They responded by bickering at each other about who was the bickerer.

We celebrated Isaac's birthday on Saturday with a cookout. He received way too many gifts. And that was mostly my fault. So next year I'm buying steak and shrimp for the cookout and not buying gifts.

Among the many gifts that Isaac received was a police officer dress up set complete with handcups (yes, I said handcups) and tickets. Isaac has become passionate about law enforcement lately and anyone he finds misbehaving in anyway gets a ticket. Like he gave his Aunt Tammy a ticket for not doing anything. Evidently he felt everyone should be performing a task of some kind. Of course Isaac wasn't performing a task, he was just passing out tickets, but that's law enforcement for you, always above the law.

So you now you know why I've picked this rockin' song for Musical, Maniacal, Malicious Monday. I'm feeling a little mischievous myself. Where are those handcups?

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