Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break

It's spring break here in our little world. I've already decided that my last post of this week will be titled "Spring Break Me".

So far it's been a pretty good one as far as the kids are concerned. We went to a concert Friday night. It was Chris Tomlin, a christian rock singer, and we had seats in a suite where the kids could dance around and move from seat to seat and eat salsa and chips and drink juice and pop and all the water bottles in the entire suite. Then we spent most of Saturday playing outside and then going over to their cousins house for pizza. (Our motto is "If we can't play with our cousins then why are we breathing?") Sunday we went to Indy Island, an indoor swim park with a big tube slide (with our cousins). And we topped the weekend off with having Molly and Emma (our cousins) come over for a sleepover. At that point I said "Aren't I the best mom ever?" (Cause it's not like someone is just going to volunteer that.) No one said anything so I'm just going to assume that's a "yes". We also have a visiting dog for the week, Aggie, so Olive has had a sleepover too. So can spring break be over now? Where's the beach?

I'm having visions of sunny beaches and warm gulf waters. I'm blaming this on Tim's sister, Susan, who is on a sunny beach near the not so warm gulf waters. It's very disturbing to me because here I am looking at my dirty floors and the never ending laundry baskets of clothes waiting to be folded but in my head I see sand and cool lapping waves. But then someone says something nasty to me like "mom" and I see dirty floors again. (And by the way, that's not the same as smelling dust.)

So I picked some spring break party music today because I could use a little Tequila, I mean party music. Here's a picture of my partying spring break crew.

Party on...

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