Sunday, March 1, 2009


So I'm feeling lucky today. Perhaps it's a little luck 'o the Irish. Mostly because, I think, it is no longer Blah-blah-blahbruary. It's March! And it's really hard to change the name March into something cheerier like say, Marchorea or Marcharoni or Marchissimo, maybe Marchy-parchy. Or maybe not.

But hey, not only is it March but it's the first Magical Musical Non-Malignant Monday of March. There are so many things to look forward to in March. St. Patty's Day and March Madness, windy days and St. Patty's Day and ice storms and green beer and wearing green underwear (like you don't like wearing your green skivvies on Patty's Day.) Maybe even a 60 degree day. A 60 degree day with 45 mph winds but hey a 60 degree day is a 60 degree day even if you aren't able to walk upright outside. And plenty 'o rain which turns my backyard to mud and did I mention bad hair days?

But hey, you can't talk me out of feeling lucky today so here's my Monday Melody. Hope it will make you feel lucky today too. Check out my new playlist on the right.

(Note to Tim - I said "feel" not "get".)

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