Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, my little man is now without both of his front teeth....

He says he looks funny. And I'm thinking wait until those gigantic permanent teeth pop out of your little bitty head! We have decent size teeth in my family. They are a little daunting looking on a kid but they work well for an adult. I can only imagine how they will look on all 35lbs of Isaac. Maybe they'll be heavy and he'll gain another pound when they come in.

I'm thinking though that there is going to be more spit flying around my house with that hole in his smile. Isaac has developed this condition which causes him to either be in active combat mode or plane flying mode or car crashing mode. All three of which require the same noise which entails a lot of spit flying out of his mouth.

It can happen anywhere. Sometimes it's like he spontaneously combusts and he just starts "phtttttt-ing". Weren't we just sitting quietly together watching a movie? Why are you punching the pillow with that car? That's my book not an airplane. That's a tampon not a sword. (I've learned to hide certain things.) One day he got into some mini pads. And let me just say this kid has a fetish with things that stick. I think I only had to remove one from his shirt. I figured that was better than when Eva discovered them and stuck one in the appropriate place on the OUTSIDE of her pants. I had to give her points for knowing where it went.

I use to let Isaac take small toiletry items in his backpack as toys to play with when we went somewhere because he loved to play with them. Then one day I looked in his backpack and saw Vagisil. We stopped doing that.

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