Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Epidemic

Isaac has been home from school since, well, his last day of school was last Thursday. He has missed 4 days of school. I am starting to miss my sanity. This virus or whatever it is has really hit him hard. Thank the Lord he has been the only one to get it so far.

Tim worked from home today so that I could go to work this morning and run to the grocery this afternoon so I shouldn't complain. But I already did so I'm just going to stick with that pattern. I'm nothing if not consistent.

And I'm still consistently trying to give up sugar and consistently failing miserably. Sugar is in everything. And I really am passionate about sweet things. But I have tried to incorporate more healthy fats in my diet (like the book I'm reading suggests) and ok maybe nacho cheese is not a healthy fat, but I'm trying. I've found that adding the fat without reducing the sugar has caused an interesting effect. That would be the effect of my expanding waist. Huh, isn't that interesting? I keep trying to stand up straighter and taller so my stomach looks more svelte. I'm pretty sure I've pulled a muscle.

But that's all ok because I'm still consistently inconsistently working out. (No that's not a typo.) This is not only good for my new diet and expanding waistline (something sounds wrong there?) but because next week is spring break and working out is the antidote to my kid-induced stress. I guess that would make my children a virus or something. Huh, interesting.

In preparation for the upcoming viral epidemic (spring break) and for the not-to-distant summer break (there should be a vaccination for that, moms would pay big money) the best thing for me to do would be to go workout tonight and sweat out the image of my kids hanging all over me like baby opossums on their mommy opossum. Or... I could bury myself in my book with a bowl of moose tracks ice cream. Hmm... sugar and fat together in a nice little frozen concoction, sounds like a viral vaccine to me.

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