Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Help Me

I've heard the word "mom" 53 times.

I've heard "I don't know what to do" six times and "What can I do?" eight times followed by eight whines of "but I don't WANT to fold laundry."

I've heard "I'm hungry" eleven times.

I've been asked to prepare 6 separate meals.

I've been handcuffed once.

I've been asked to locate a Nintendo DS game 5 times. (still haven't found it.)

I've been asked to paint toe nails, get the baby pool out of the attic get out the sprinkler, go out to eat and just plain go somewhere three times.

I've been scorned, snubbed and ticketed (by a six year old police officer) and told I'm the best mom ever.

It is now 4pm. I only have 9 weeks, 4 days and 8 hours left of summer break. Glad the first day is almost over.

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