Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Loan - how I envy your love handles and possibly your pole skills as well. Although I won't really know for sure until I see you in action at Bar-D Camp.

I think Laren is "in" because she enlightened us about your pole skills and she has cleats. I don't know exactly what the cleats are for but I want to find out.

I had no idea Lobin had chaps. I've known her for like 20 years and I can't believe she doesn't tell me these things! Do you know how hard it is to find a good pair of chaps? I hope they're not pleather. God love her.

I think it's time we work out some logistics of Bar-D Camp. Let's start with location. I think ideally it should be at a bar. (I came up with that myself.) It doesn't need to be a large place since right now our camp has about 7 participants but there are a few requirements it seems. As of right now they are:

1) margaritas
2) plastic pitcher (love handle friendly) and glasses provided by Lill
2) pole
3) zipline

I think any bar can provide the margaritas, I've got the pole (it's in my bedroom but it's travel size for easy mobility). The zipline is a little trickier. We might have to resort to something more mundane like a cab.

Now that I think about it maybe we should have this camp in a place with very dim lighting. I'm a little concerned about Loan using her love handles in a public place especially while wearing a fanny pack. Maybe a cave would be good.


Karen said...


I also would like to know what the cleats are for. I'm guessing that Loan uses them to dig in to the side of the pole so she doesn't fall. Of course, the pole would have to be wooden and that could possibly cause major splinter damamge if she does anything other than hang upside down. What is she thinking?

I'm sorry that Lobin wasn't forthcoming about her chaps collection. This was just revealed to me a few days ago. I think she's been trying to hide it from everyone for so long and it was very difficult for her to talk about. But, she is very willing to loan them to anyone that needs a pair.

Joan said...
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Jill said...


I don't know Loan, but I already like her! I'm so glad she's going to camp. Anyone that can think of a good reason to AVOID SHAVING LEGS is OK in my book. I think we may need to make room for Laleen as well. Can't wait for summer.


Karen said...

Farm and Fleet Enema store? Rubber chaps made of recycled bath mats? And after reading your comment, Loan, I will never look at Lobin the same way again. I laughed so hard that I was crying and I have no good comments to make. I need a margarita! Can we call an emergency assembly of Bar-D Camp?

Joan said...
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Robin said...

Okay, Loan, I'm not sure why I became the "butt" of your joke and speaking of butts, just because my dog scoots his butt across the carpet, does not in any way, mean that I do.

I would like to refer you all to a site that sells my favorite kind of chaps. They appear to be having a great sale right now. I just stocked up again since my secret is now out of the bag. Now I can wear them to all occasions, yippee!!! I'll wear my best pair at our Bar-D camp emergency meeting. http://www.thefind.com/apparel/info-womens-lace-up-chaps

Karen said...


Love the chaps! They are sooooo you!