Friday, May 8, 2009

It Takes A Lillage

Well, there you have it. It does take a village. Jill (or rather Lill) has a plastic margarita pitcher. Lill, you're in. Just so you know you'd be in without the plastic margarita pitcher. We need to make sure and include my other sisters-in-law besides Lobin and Lammy. There's also Lusan Marie and Lusan Jane and Tim's sister Linda (huh, that didn't work). And my sister Lolleen.
Each one of these ladies has special skills to contibute to our camping experience.

Joan, since you'll be fully dressed I'll allow the fanny pack. I understand your hestitation with relations of any kind. Not to worry I won't even allow hugging. And you can use your love handles however you see fit. Being the mother of twins I've often had to be very creative with the appendages I have. I'd like to see your love handles in action. Wait, that sounds weird. Ok, forget I said that.

Now I know several more people who might be interested in Bar-d Camp so I propose those interested comment on what, if any, special skills or talents they have that could contribute to our camp. For instance, secretarial skills or table dancing.



Lill said...

I actually have 2 margarita pitchers and 8 glasses (thank you, Lammy). This is my kind of camp

Karen said...

Ok, can I please join this camp? I am a friend of Lobin. I may not be able to provide entertainment, but I can laugh at Joan's jokes. By the way, I hear she has pole skills.

Joan said...
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Karen said...

Joan, or should I say Loan, since we all must remain anonymous, I can offer many skills to Bar-D Camp. While I don't own any pitchers or glasses and can't use my love handles as hands, I can and will drink as many margaritas as I am offered. Once I have finished them, I will gladly lay down and sleep. I don't snore, so I will remain quiet. As for improving your breathing technique, just take deep breaths at any Pink Floyd concert. I would be happy for you to teach me your pole skills. I happen to have a pair of cleats and I suppose I could borrow a piece of chalk from a local school I know about. The chaps I will have to borrow from Lobin. She owns a few pair, I think.