Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wow! Or Rather Low!!

Wow. Those last comments left me breathless and urineless. Unfortunately I wasn't wearing the Depends but fortunately I was wearing the Dora undergarments. Again, unfortunately, I was wearing them to pad my bra (thanks to Loan). But! Fortunately! I made it to the toilet in time despite the five kids and one dog I tripped over to get there! So it all worked out and my bra is still padded so Tim is in for a surprise!

I'm on my second full day of summer vacation. I've accomplished a lot including (but not limited to) ignoring the breakfast dishes, going to work, ignoring the lunch dishes, napping, ignoring the dog, moving the dishes around and ignoring them some more, piddling around outside, rinsing off two dishes and walking away, walking by the laundry room and pretending I don't know what's behind that door, ignoring my three kids and their two cousins and postponing cooking dinner which is what I'm doing right now! Dang! I'm exhausted!

We need to get our emergency meeting on the books. I'd say tonight works for me because for some reason I feel well rested but I'm thinking most of you won't even read this until tomorrow so somebody throw a date out there. Lobin is leaving for vacation soon so we might have to wait until the end of June. But this can't wait forever. Tomorrow is the third day of summer break so I might have to start my own Bar-D Camp here at home. Don't let me drink alone without chaps.

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Karen said...

Sorry, I've been unavailable for a few days.

I can sympathize with the repeated questions. We were on our way to Baton Rouge on Friday and my son kept asking "when will we be there?" almost every 5 minutes. He would try a different variation of the question like:

How long till we get off the interstate?

How many more miles do we have to drive?

Will we be stopping anytime soon?

Are we almost there yet?

I wanted to scream, but given why we are here, which I won't mention, I just had to laugh.

Please let me know when the Bar-D Camp meeting will be. Though I, like Lobin, will be on vacation until mid-June. And no, we aren't vacationing together. And she refused to loan me any chaps to wear to the wedding we will be attending. So disappointing! If only she had let me borrow them, I would have been the talk of the wedding and people would have been envious. I am definitely going to mention the new use of Depends to every woman I see. That will make me popular, but I'm sure not in the way I would want to be. They will probably talk about me like I'm crazy. I'm really not, the crazy one is Loan!